A proof (or sample) will be supplied to you whenever we have completed type-setting your form/artwork. This will ensure the forms to be correct and exactly how the customer desires. It usually takes 2-3 working days to get a proof back once a job is submitted to our design team. We can send a digital proof via email or by fax. We can also supply you with a hard proof to see here at the shop. Please send any inquiries to

After you receive your proof:

If you need to make any changes to your job, just mark up the proof and send back with simple instructions on the changes. We will make every effort to create the proof accurately and per the customer’s instructions. Since there is always the possibility of incorrect interpretation and typesetting errors, we encourage your attention to every detail so that we may produce a quality job for you.

Be sure to:

  • Make corrections with a pen or pencil directly ON the proof.
  • Return ALL items including the original copy and the proof that are sent to you (We cannot proceed on a job without all this material.)
  • Mark all additions or changes as NEW copy.
  • Return corrected page number for a “Table of Contents” and/or “Index”, if required.
  • Be aware that color proofs do not always show the exact color reproduction, especially being in different color spaces (RGB vs. CMYK). Please make sure all color is as it should be. Selecting a color from a PANTONE matching system is recommended if you want a particular color.

Be careful not to judge color by your monitor.

If you supplied us with electronic files:

Be sure to check the ENTIRE document carefully. Please check the integrity of your original file, as there are many potential problems that can occur by utilization of different program applications and operating systems.

Here are some things to look for:

  • Check fonts for font substitution.
  • Check copy re-flow by noting page endings and story endings. (Avoid widows and orphans)
  • Check photo placement, fit in window area, position, and bleeds.
  • Check file format:

Preferred files are: .PDF, .EPS, .AI, .PSD, .TIFF, .INDD (InDesign), or .QXP (Quark)

Acceptable files but aren’t recommended are: .JPG, .PNG, .GIF, or any Microsoft Office files.

Unacceptable files are: .PUB, .EXE, any Microsoft Windows files or Corel files.

We are unable to open these files.


Once you approve your proof, simply send it back letting us know it is good to print. It usually takes about a day or two to finish the job once it has been approved by (You) the customer.