The Creative Process

The creative process is the steps you take to come up with a design. We use outside sources, our surroundings, and our audience/demographic in order to inspire a design. Client integration is helpful because they can have some input to design before production. Many of the ideas are brought up in the Inspirational phase of the creative process. Once we have all our resources of inspiration and a direction we want to go with a design, we move on to the visual phase of the creative process.

When we begin to visualize the design, we utilize many different elements in the composition. This can be playing with color schemes and producing many rough variations of the targeted design. There can be many different styles and ideas that can ultimately alter the overall design but this allows much improvement of the composition. Once the project has found a certain course - we attempt to refine it in a way that the design uses the elements and colors in an "eye-pleasing", unified composition. We create, add or delete, polish, and refine again.

When we are finalizing a design, the final adjustments and last tweaks are done before being presented to the client/customer. Once the client approves the design it can go into production.

We are able to supply our customer's with high-quality prints and artwork. We can also provide them with any variable formats for use with different media (paper, canvas, upholstery, web, etc.)